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The War Medal
(3rd of September 1939 to 2nd of September, 1945)

This medal was awarded to all full-time personnel of the Armed Forces wherever their service during the war was rendered. Operational and non-operational service counted, providing that it was of twenty-eight days' or more duration. In the Merchant Navy there was the requirement that the twenty-eight days should have been served at sea.

Operational service that was terminated by death, wounds or a disability due to service, capture or the cessation of hostilities which qualified for one of the Campaign Stars also qualified the recipient for the War Medal even though the total service did not amount to twenty-eight days. This proviso did not, however, apply to those who were not awarded one of the Campaign Stars. If one of the Campaign Stars was awarded for service of less than twenty-eight days, the War Medal was granted in addition. When issued by Canada to a next-of-kin, a silver memorial bar engraved with the name and date of death is attached to the ribbon (40,000 issued).


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