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The Defence Medal
(3rd of September 1939 to 2nd of September 1945)

The qualifications for the award were:

(1) Service in the Forces in non-operational areas subjected to air attack or closely threatened, providing such service lasted for three or more years.

(2) Non-operational service in the Forces overseas or outside the country of residence, providing that such service lasted for one year, except in territories threatened by the enemy or subject to bomb attacks, in which case it was six months.

(3) Civil Defence or other similar service in military operational areas providing the civil category was not eligible for campaign stars.

(4) The qualifying period of service in Mine and Bomb Disposal Units was three months.

(5) Those who were awarded Campaign Stars could also, providing they fulfilled the necessary conditions, be awarded this medal.

(6) Service in the United Kingdom Forces in West Africa, Palestine and India would count for the award of this medal, as well as by Dominion Forces, other than operational air crews, in non-operational areas outside their own countries.

(7) Part-time service in the Malta Home Guard also counted.

(8) The closing date for those in the Forces was extended to the 2nd of September 1945, for those serving overseas.

(9) Members of any of the civilian services that were entitled to wear chevrons for their war service were eligible for this medal.

(10) Members of the Home Guard resident in the United Kingdom qualified for the medal by rendering three years' service (or three months in the case of those who served in a bomb and mine disposal unit). British citizens from overseas qualified with six months' service or three months in bomb and mine disposal units.

(11) Service curtailed by death due to enemy action or service wounds was considered eligible. Those who received a personal award conferred by the King were also eligible irrespective of their length of service providing they were serving in a category that qualified for the medal.

(12) Recipients of the George Cross, or George Medal, were eligible for the Defence Medal whether they were serving in a category eligible for tile medal or not, providing that the decorations were gained for service it Civil Defence.


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