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(10th June 1940 - 12 May 1943)

This star was awarded for one or more days’ service in North Africa between the 10th of June 1940 and the 12th of May 1943, inclusive.

Army qualifications for the medal were:

1. Entry into North Africa on the establishment of an operational unit.

2. Service in Abyssinia, The Somalilands, Eritrea, Sudan, and Malta. Service in West Africa was not included.

Bars and Emblems to the Africa Star

Three emblems were awarded to the Army. These emblems consisted of:

1. The Arabic numeral "8" awarded for service in the Eighth Army between the 23rd of October 1942, the date of the Battle of El Alamein, and the 12th of May 1943.

2. The Arabic numeral "1" awarded for service in the First Army in a unit or formation in Tunis or Algeria between the 8th of November and the 31st of December 1942, or thereafter between the 1st of January and the 12th of May 1943, in any unit under the command of the First Army.

3. The silver rose emblem awarded to personnel of the Headquarters of the 18th Army Group who did not qualify for either of the numerals. Members of the Union Defence Force attached to the South African Air Force Squadrons that qualified for the rose emblem, also qualified for it.


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