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893 Driver KHUDO BAKSH
1st Sappers and Miners

Driver Khudo Baksh served with the 3rd Company, 1st (Bengal) Sappers and Miners under Captain S.H. Sheppard, R.E. during the campaign in Tibet. The 3rd Company arrived at Siliguri, Tibet from Roorkee, India on the 18th of November 1903. It immediately began work on a cart road near Gantok and then began construction on a road from Gantok towards the Nathu La. On the 15th of May 1904, Driver Khudo Baksh proceeded with half of the company to Gyantse. They reached Gyantse on the 24th of May and reinforced the mission post at Chunglu. The company took part in the assault on the village of Palla on the 26th of May and constructed fortified posts there after the capture of the village. The company also worked on the construction of a crib pier for a nearby bridge.

Gyantse Jong was taken by the British expeditionary force in Tibet on the 6th of July 1904 and its defences were demolished. On the 14th of July the 3rd Company marched for Lhasa. The unit departed Lhasa on the 9th of September and reached Chaksam on the 11th of September. The company then marched to Chumbi, reaching that village on the 18th of October, and then marched backed to Siliguri. The 3rd Company subsequently left Tibet and arrived back at Roorkee on the 7th of November 1904.

For his participation in this campaign, Driver Khudo Baksh was awarded the silver Tibet Medal 1903-1904 with the clasp [GYANTSE].

SANDES. The Indian Sappers and Miners.