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3339 Quartermaster Sergeant
Royal Engineers

Born in the Parish of Sallmarlae, Galway. A Surveyor by trade.

04 Jul 1855:
Enlisted in the Royal Engineers at Edinburgh at the age of 18. Rank of Private. Height: 68". Weight: 145 lbs. Hair: brown. Complexion: pale. Eyes: grey.

01 Nov 1858:
Promoted 2nd Corporal.

24 Feb 1860:
Reduced to ranks for making a false statement. Rank of Sapper.

24 Feb 1862:
Good Conduct Pay at l.d.

24 Feb 1864:
Good Conduct Pay at 2.d.

01 Aug 1866:
Promoted 2nd Corporal.

16 Jan 1867:
Re-engaged at Southampton for nine years.

06 Jul 1868:
Good Conduct Pay at 3.d.

25 Jan 1869:
In hospital at Chatham.

24 Feb 1869:
Medical examination and re-vaccination.

01 Aug 1869:
Promoted Corporal.

26 Oct 1871:
Promoted Sergeant and 3rd Class Military Clerk

07 Aug 1872:
Promoted 2nd Class Military Staff Clerk.

06 Jul 1873:
Good Conduct Pay at 4.d.

04 Aug 1873:
In hospital at Aldershot.

01 Apr 1874:
Promoted Quartermaster Sergeant.

06 Jul 1876:
Good Conduct Pay at 5.d.

12 Dec 1876:
Aboard HMS Himilaya bound for Ceylon.

19 Jan 1877:
In hospital in Colombo, Ceylon with Dyspepsia.

Returned to England (Chatham).

18 Sep 1877:
Discharge approved. Military proficiency was as a surveyor and draughtsman. Foreign service included
198 days in Turkey and 214 days in Ceylon.
Intended place of residence after discharge: 35 Arden Street, New Hampton (nr. Chatham), Kent.

Soldier's Papers. Public Record Office, London.