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238th Canadian Forestry Battalion
Canadian Expeditionary Force

Major Headquarters



Home Service


Unit raised by request of the British government

Feb 1916



Battalion landed in England

22 Sep 1916

Canadian Forestry Corps

Battalion became part of the Canadian Forestry Corps

Oct 1916

Canadian Forestry Corps

Canadian Forestry Battalions reorganized into Forestry Companies

Dec 1916

France and Flanders

Director of Works, British Expeditionary Force

Bois Normand (No. 14 and No. 15 Canadian Forestry Companies formed from the 238th Battalion

Dec 1916

Director of Forestry, British Expeditionary Force

Bois Normand

Mar 1917


  1. The battalion was awarded the battle honour "The Great War, 1916."
  2. The battalion essentially existed only from February of 1916 to December of 1916 when it was used to form No. 14 and No. 15 Canadian Forestry Companies.
  3. There was no perpetuating unit for the 238th Canadian Forestry Battalion in the Canadian Army following its reorganization into two companies.


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