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1852547 Warrant Officer Class 2
J.E.H. Hawkins
Royal Engineers

Lieutenant Colonel Edward De Santis 2008

Outline of Service

24 February 1891: Date of birth.

24 January 1910: Enlisted in the Royal Engineers.

9 October 1924: Departed England for service abroad (station unknown).

11 March 1925: Promoted to the rank of Mechanist Quartermaster Sergeant in the Establishment for Engineer Services (E.E.S.)

28 February 1928: Returned home.

Awarded First Class Certificate of Education.

November 1929: Stationed at Bulford.

August 1930: Stationed at Larkhill.

Played on the E.E.S. Larkhill Cricket Team.

Master of Ceremonies for the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Social Club.

January 1931: Discharged with 21 years of service.

Obtained a post as a civilian mechanist in the Larkhill area.

1. The Sapper, November 1929.
2. The Sapper, August 1930.
3. The Sapper, November 1930.
4. The Sapper, February 1931.