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Canadian Engineers and Canadian Railway Troops

Lieutenant Colonel Edward De Santis 2008

Thomas Laccohee was born in England and emigrated to Canadian prior to the Great War of 1914-1918. He was married to Violet Louisa Laccohee and resided at 179 Argyle Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

On the 12th of June 1916 Laccohee was taken on the strength of No. 1 Construction Battalion, Canadian Engineers at Toronto. According to the embarkation roll for No. 1 Construction Battalion, he sailed for England from Halifax, Nova Scotia aboard S.S. Northland on the 12th of September 1916. At the time he sailed for England he was listed as a Company Sergeant Major on the rolls of the unit.

Sometime after his arrival in England, or perhaps while in France, he was transferred to the Canadian Railway Troops. The railway warrant on the opposite page shows his rank as Sergeant. This railway warrant, issued by No. XI Canadian General Hospital at Moore Barracks in Shorncliffe, Kent on the 7th of January 1919, authorized Sergeant Laccohee to ride as a 3rd Class passenger on the P.E. & C. Railway from Sandgate, Kent to Glasgow, Scotland. The date of travel was the 9th of January 1919. Since the warrant was issued by No. XI Canadian General Hospital, it is possible that Sergeant Laccohee was recovering from wounds or from some illness.


1. Railway Warrant.
2. Embarkation Roll.

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