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I have been a collector and researcher of medals, uniforms, militaria and photographs of officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Royal Engineers and Engineers of the British Empire and Commonwealth for over 30 years.


On this site I present the names, ranks, and regimental and/or army numbers of the men whose medals or other militaria and photographs are in my collection. In some cases information pertaining to the lives and military service of the individuals is presented in detail. In other cases the information is presented in outline form to be expanded at a later date. Where further research is being undertaken you will find the notation (RESEARCH IN PROGRESS) indicated.

The purpose of this web site is two fold;

1) to provide information of interest to family, friends and fellow soldiers who served with these men, and;

2) to obtain additional information concerning the lives and service of these men from anyone who knew them or served with them.

As my research work is always ongoing, new names and details will be added to the site on a regular basis. If you have any information regarding any of the individuals who appear on this site, or if you would just like to comment on the site or correct any inaccuracies or errors, please contact me. Please contact me as well if you have an interest in the military service of any individual listed on the site for whom service details have not yet been provided. I will be happy to provide you with what I have even before I post the information on the site. Each of the sites listed below has a guest book. Please sign in and let me have your comments and questions.

New additions to the web site will be posted at the bottom of this home page. Please be sure to check for new names or notices regarding the posting of new service details to any existing name. Links to new names are posted in red. Links to new information for previous listed individuals will be posted in blue.

To search this site you may first go to the page for the Corps in which you are interested under "Places to Go" listed below. You can then search each page by using "Find (in page)" under "Edit"or you can simply scroll through the pages. Good luck!


1870074 Warrant Officer Class I John Firth, Royal Engineers

Tribute and Farewell to an Old Comrade

My old friend and comrade Jack Firth died
peacefully in bed on Friday, 19 August 2005,
a month after his 95th birthday and shortly
after the 60th anniversary of VJ Day. I will
miss his friendly smile and optimistic outlook
on life, which he maintained despite his suffering
during World War 2 as a prisoner of the Japanese.
I can only imagine how he must have suffered
working on the infamous Siam to Burma Railway.
It is a tribute to his toughness of body and spirit
that he lived more than a half-century beyond those
dreadful years in captivity.


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Information is required on the following individuals:

Captain (formerly 15999 WO1) William George Dean, R.E.
Captain (formerly 27489 CSM) Henry James Dean, R.E.

Photographs wanted for the following individuals:

Major Quentin Douglas, R.E.
Major Sydney Alfred Greenfield, R.E.
Captain William Henry Folkes, R.E.
Major John Henry Childe Shakespear, R.E.
Major Charles David Riddel, T.D., East Lancashire Regiment

Last Update: 11 February 2018
[camera symbol indicates photograph
of individual is available]

New Names:
Captain William Henry Folkes, R.E. (added 26 June 2017)
1457 Colour Sergeant Walter Folkes, Dorsetshire Regiment (added 26 June 2017)
5475 Colour Sergeant Samuel Henry Dewey, Coldstream Guards (added 26 June 2017)

New Information:
47668 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Harry Duncan Burnet (added March 2017)
518421 (later 1043088) Regimental Sergeant Major Harry Trill, B.E.M., R.E. & R.A. (added September 2017)
Major John Henry Childe Shakespear, R.E. (added 7 December 2017)
Major Charles David Riddel, T.D., East Lancashire Regiment, formerly R.E. (added December 2017)
Captain Leslie Jack Newbery Channing, R.E. (added February 2018)

In Search of Information on Relatives of Visitors to this Website

In an effort to assist visitors to this website, we are pleased to list the names of relatives of visitors. Please visit the "In Search Of" page by clicking on the words above. If anyone has any information regarding the military service of the men listed on this page, please contact their relatives by clicking on the name. Your help will be appreciated.

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